How long will RAW 25 be?

Monday Night Raw is already 3 hours long and there are many critics about it. Last week during our conference call with former Raw GM, Mick Foley he addressed it and said: “In my opinión three hours show is too much, but two hours would be perfect”. But look what TCA (Televisión Critics Association) posted a few hours ago about RAW 25:

What? 5 hours? Well… I shouldn’t be surprised. Raw 25 is going to be a huge special, kind of Wrestlemania or Summerslam with many superstars and legends hand in hand; but no… TCA inmmediately posted the following as an apology:

So, apparently RAW 25 will be just another Monday Night Raw? Don’t think so… maybe WWE will air another two hours of special content on WWE Network. We don’t have any official confirmation but it looks like the Network will have a special collection full of content from this very special night.

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