Tyler Breeze: “It’s all about timing”

WWENEWS.eu spoke yesterday with the Smackdown Live superstar Tyler Breeze to know a little bit more about his actual plans, his Road to Wrestlemania and his thoughts on not being in the Rumble match.

You’ve had some amazing matches as a solo competitor down on NXT like the one with Thunder Liger or I remember also against Apollo Crews with storylines closed to the NXT title but… what happened when you got called to the main roster? Why do you think you didn’t have that amazing time in singles competition?

It’s all about timing. It was one of those things when I was ready to get out of NXT. I proved my point there and there really wasn’t much more for me to do and it was time to go. Whether is coming up here and for doing what I was doing you have to adapt it; it’s a new enviroment and basically that is what I was doing the first little while. I was kind of confortable on my NXT role and up here is not like that you can’t make the quick transition over you have to adapt to new opponents, new enviroment, new tv shows and I was kind of minding my footing. Even getting paired with Fandango for the first little while we where struggling to find where our chemestry was and we finally clicked. Being paired with Fandango it really helps out, I help him out he helps me out and think we’ve really done something special with that.

Who came out with the idea of the Fashion Files and how do you create your weekly segments, how is the process of putting all the pieces together?

It was kind a mix of opinions. It was one of those thing when we were trying to find where our chemestry was and we just started to throw ideas out there and one of them was to be the Fashion Police and we just started with little ideas, little videos and all of the sudden it took off and we were having fun with it and other people were enjoying it and all the sudden became a thing, you know, it was every week on Smackdown for about eight months and we are still doing it now but we are trying to find the transition and try to focus on other stuff but it was very important to get some momentum behind us.

How does it feel been one of the most entertaining couples in WWE and not been able to perform in one of the most funiest Rumbles in the last decade?

Ha ha! Is one of those things… Everybody has their time, it’s all about pacience. I know that is very easy to get frustrated and seated at home asking : “why me?” It’s all about pacience. We have a extremely talented roster and everybody eventually get the chance and you just have to be positive and enjoy the ride.

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