Triple H: “Never say never, specially around here”

As NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 is approaching WWE is providing us with some conference calls and, as usual, it happens that HHH is closing this pre-SummerSlam promotion week with a NXT Takeover special view. Yesterday we spoke to the CEO of WWE and resume the state of NXT. Here is the full audio of our interview with the mind of NXT, Triple H:

We talk about NXT being the third brand of the company… Is it crazy to think of NXT being part of the next superstar shake up along with Raw and Smackdown Live?

In some way it is because when you do a shake up somebody is call up… so we are always loosing some NXT talent. I think now when you look back in the roster 80% of the talent came out from NXT and it wouldn’t be a stretch for a lot of talent to come into NXT. When you’ve seen last few week in an effort to surprise people and keep things fresh we’ve had live events where we brought The Revivals on or Tyler Breeze… is that kind of surprise that people love and if you see it happen again it wouldn’t be a stretch.

Is there any particular change when talking about the NXT product and the way it is portrait today and the way it could be next year with the Fox TV deal?

I don’t know. We are concéntrate in the deals we have this years and what happens next year when Smackdown moves to FOX time tells and Will see, but right now with NXT on the Network people seem to enjoy it, but you never say never, specially around here.


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