Stephanie McMahon on RAW25 closed this amazing week full of great interviews with Stephanie McMahon talking about the celebration of Monday Night Raw and here are the highlights:

You’ve been an essential part of the history of Monday Night Raw, How are you feeling now that we are celebrating the 25th anniversary?

I feel incredibly proud to be a part of the celebration of 25 years of Monday Night Raw because is the show that my father created. When you think of the impact that the legacy of Monday Night Raw have had on the media entertaiment and the of sports world it’s significant and I’m just so incredibly proud to be there to celebrate this milestone.

Would you like to see your daughters continuing your legacy in this business in a near future?

Well I have my daughters and my three brother sons and I say to that questions that I want my children to live their dreams, whatever their dreams might be. If they wind up with WWE I would be incredibly proud but if they choose to do something else in their lives that they love that they are passionate about I would equally support and be proud of them fot linving those dreams. My only requirement is that they work hard because I think that a strong work ethic is incredibly important.

Would yo like to wrestle Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania 34?

(Laughs) First and foremost we have to make Ronda Rousey officially a part of the WWE roster we have to wait and see that’s going to happen.

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