WWENEWS.eu just interviewed former 4 times WWE Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks to promote Raw 25 and the first ever women’s Royal Rumble. Here are the highlights:

Can you give us a top 3 of your own best moments on Raw?

Number one was main eventing my first ever Monday Night Raw and winning the Raw women’s championship. Number two the falls count anywhere match against Charlotte Flair, I love that and number three I love tag teaming with Roman Reigns to face Charlotte and Rusev, that was such a phenomenal match for me and if I can give you more that would be having a first ever Hell in a Cell match with a promo cutted by Mick Foley, that was a pretty cool one.

Not being the biggest female in the roster, like for example Nia Jax, what is your strategy for the Rumble, how do you get ready for these type of match that you never had before?

Just like how I get ready for the rest of the matches I’ve never had before. I study, I study, I study. I’ve been working really hard to get my cardio rate up because I can have the potencial to be the first woman or I can have the potencial to be the last woman so I have to make sure that my cardio rate is really is prepare and I keep on watching the matches on the WWE Network to get my mind ready.

Last time we talked was in August 2016 right after you became champion for the first time how did your life change with the title?

It changed a lot because when you win the championship you get more money so I bought I new house since then, I got two new cars, one of them Mercedes Benz, couple of Range Rovers and I keep on killing it, I’m the best of the best. I bought a new wardrobe… stuff like that

If you win the Rumble you will be on a possible main event at Wrestlemania, What are your feelings about that?

I am really looking forward to that because I always wanted a singles match at Wrestlemania… I’ve been in a three way a four way… but I really looking forward for a singles match a Wrestlemania. But first I need to win the Rumble by throwing up 29 other women over the top rope and get that opportunity to go to Wrestlemania.

Do you think the women will be main eventing Wrestlemania?

I do, I do, if not this year we will make that dream come true and the woman will be main eventing Wrestlemania for the first time. I believe that.

Which is the toughtest tag team in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge?

That’s gonna be hard. My first match is going to be against Nataya a Shinsuke with Natalya former world champion been in the company for such a long time, she taught me so much and Shinsuke is such a great competitor. I also think probably Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode. I don’t think Alexa Bliss is really tought but Braun Strowman is so we’ll see about that and obviusly Nia Jax and Apollo Crews… We have the match up coming up on tuesday and I know that’s gonna be very tought but also a fun one.

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