We spoke with the Bulgarian Brute Rusev before the Royal Rumble

WWENews.eu spoke yesterday evening with the Smackdown Live Superstar and United States Champion Rusev. With the Royal Rumble in mind, this is what the Bulgarian Brute wanted to say to all his fans:

How does it feel been the united states Champion and been aclamated by the fans when you were one of the most hated superstar in your first run as the US Champion?

I love been … I passed from been the most hated or one of the most hated to know being praised. I loved being both. Being the United States Champion it makes me elevated the title even more because at the end of the day that is what I gonna do, elevate the title. With the world championship, with the universal championship, any of these titles becausethat what it means to me and that is why everytime I step foot in that ring I wanna have a great match to proove that this title belongs there with all the rest.

You will defend your title against Nakamura in the Royal Rumble. What is your mindset going into the Royal Rumble and knowing that is not gonna be easy difficult to steal the show?

No, is not gonna be easy but I got to figure out how to escape those things and count on my own. All the previous matches that we had we all great matches and this is gonna be just as good if not even better tan that.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the development of the idea for “rusev day”

It was supposed to be a one off, just a celebration after I beat Randy Orton and that was it. A few weeks after I was going “Rusev Day, Rusev Day” and people were digging it, even in the backstage with the New Day and with Aiden signing the “Rusev Day” that helped a lot and people just got it and loved the whole concept and became really big.


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