Mick Foley: “I loved been fired by Stephanie McMahon”

Last tuesday WWE News interviewed The Legend and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley as part of the promotion for the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw emanating from the Manhattan Center in the Big Apple. During the conference call Mick was really kind and happy to share with us the greatest moments of Monday Night Raw and his predictions for the next Royal Rumble that will take place in Philly. Check out the full interview with the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley:


On his Top 3 from these 25 years of Monday Night Raw’s history:

Wow! There been so many great ones. I’d say winning the WWE tittle from the first time against a gentleman known as The Rock… I would also say … that was definitely number one, number two there was a great wild match against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in 1996, so good that we could we kept been urge wrestle longer and longer; and the third one I really enjoyed been fired by Stephanie McMahon when I was General Manager of Raw. That sounds like a strange thrid one but I think it was a great creative rush to be fired by Stephanie.

On which WWE legend would like to have by his side at Raw 25:

I think there’s going to be many legends back there but I would like to see Al Snow back. I don’t know is Al is qualified as a legend but I would like to see Al Snow back to Monday Night Raw.

On his advice to Finn Balor for next Royal Rumble:

Yes, just learn to change quickly, maybe consult with Broadway actors on how to make quick changes and for that occasion get some boots that don’t lace up but like tear down with velcro or something.


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