Mick Foley: “Been the GM of Monday Night Raw was a pretty good job”

WWE News spoke with the hardcore legend and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley about RAW 25 but also abut the Royal Rumble. For the first time ever, 30 women will be competing on a Royal Rumble match and we didn’t miss the opportunity. Hey Mick! Who is winning the Rumble? Here is the full interview with special mention to Planeta Wrestling:


Would you like to be GM of Monday Night Raw again?

Yes, maybe someday, maybe someday, sure, that was a pretty good job. A lot of the superstar liked and respected me. I would love to have another shot without Stephanie breathing down my neck next time.

On his bet to win the Royal Rumble 2018:

A historic Rumble, right? First women’s Royal Rumble and I’d say that’s an amazing announcement. I am picking Becky Lynch to win the women’s Royal Rumble. She’s ridding a real wave of momentum and the men’s Rumble you don’t know who is gonna be… one the really big guys or one of those guys who’s been around the Rumble a long time so maybe I’m going to go with Sheamus. I am a big fan of The Bar and I think that as a team they’re going to help each other and one of them will sacrifice to the other and I’m looking for Sheamus to come out of the Rumble as the winner.

On his daughter Noelle as a surprise entrance in the women’s Royal Rumble

That would be very interesting. People konw that Noelle is been working on it so prior I think there’s gonna be several surprise entrance in the female Royal Rumble, that’s one of the highlights of the show as for the men every year and who knows, yeah I would like to see Noelle as a surprise entry in the Royal Rumble.



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