Jimmy Uso on what would it mean to him a match at Wrestlemania 34

Not everyday we have the chance to speak to one of the members of the hottest, if not the hottest, tag team in WWE. WWENEWS.eu spoke to Jimmy Uso on February 20th and he shared his real feeling about a posible match at Wrestlemania or who would be his pick for an Uso Stable. Here are the highlights:


Lately we had some great stables in WWE like The Shield, The Wyatts and now The Balor Club with Anderson, Gallows and Finn Balor, considering your family legacy can you pick one of your family members for a future Uso stable?

Roman Reigns, I don’t have to think about it. It would be Roman.

After defeating all the tag teams on the Smackdown roster and also The Bar from the Raw roster, What is left for the Usos? What else do you want to show the world?

We want to show the world that we are the best, that is all it comes down. We do this to show the world that we are the greatest of all time and maybe one day will be known as the best tag team in the world and make into the Hall of Fame along with the rest of our family. Tag team division that’s all we’ve got but I wouldn’t mind to have one run in singles if it comes across it would be a possibility but we have to push the tag team division and we want to be the best tag team in the world.

If we talk about Wrestlemania we talk about a show where you never had a 2 on 2 match on the main card, what would it mean to you after so many years in the company having a match at Wrestlemania 34?

For me personally I would accomplished something. I would be a milestone for years and years, thanks to the hard work, how happy I would be… Last year my wife won the Smackdown women’s title at Wrestlemania and she explained to me all her feelings and that is what is all about, been happy and that is what I’m missing, that is what the Usos are missing, that is what it would mean to us been on the main card at Wrestlemania.

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