Bobby Roode: “I’m looking forward to the Royal Rumble” spoke to Bobby Roode last tuesday to talk about the amazing trip to the Royal Rumble but also to talk about the Road to Wrestlemania, his first Wrestlemania season since he got called up to the main roster las summer. Smackdown Live has a new United States Champion and now we present you Bobby Roode:

What can we expect from Bobby Roode on this Road to Wrestlemania?

Being the US champion the hard work begins right now. There will be a lot of challenges and I know I have a huge target on my back and right now. In this lockerroom there are a lot of guys that I’m sure they want and opportunity to be United State Champion and I’m just looking forward to what lays ahead and we are coming after the Royal Rumble this Sunday and them after the Rumble is over we have the Road to Wrestlemania and it’s my first Wrestlemania season I guess you could say on the main roster. I’m looking forward to a busy Schedule and looking forward to all the challenges on my hand.

Do you think that Dolph Ziggler is coming after the US title?

I don’t know, that’s a great question to ask to Dolph if you can find him. I don’t know what his plans are and to be honest I can only be concern about mysef. Dolph is an amazing talent and we had such and we had such a history here since I got called to Smackdown during the summer so who knows what is going to happen. Thing happens things change everyday and you never say never in this business and if Dolph comes back claiming that he is the US champion I will have to go out there and prove him that he’s wrong. I’m very confident in my abilities and at the end of the day I will still be the United States Champion.

How confident do you feel having Charlotte Flair as your tag team partner for the Mixed Match Challenge?

Charlotte was the one that I was hoping for to have as a tag team partner so I am very very happy, no doubt about it, there are many similarities in our appearances I guess with the robes and we call ourselves the Robe Warriors for the Mixed Match Challenge so I’m looking forward to tag with Charlotte, obviously being Ric Flair’s daughter and the importance of Ric Flair in my carree and being the tag team partner for the women’s champion, in my opinion the top female wrestler in our business today is very exciting so I looking forward to winning and I am very confident. We are the team to beat in my opinion.

What NXT talents would you like to see on Smackdown Live?

There’s a big group of guys that I used to work with but right now I would love to see a guy like Eric Young come up with his group Sanity, I think they will be a great fit here on Smackdown Live and guys like Roderick Strong but I can only think of the guys that I have been in the ring with and Roderick Strong has an incredible talent and he is a huge star in the making down there. There’s a lot of guys down there that I think that would be a really good fit here on Smackdown Live and hopefully whether it’s after the Royal Rumble or heading into Wrestlemania you are going to see some new faces and if they pop up in the main roster those guys in the actual lockerrom will work harder to keep their spot and to be a part of everything. The change is good.

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