Apollo: “In WWE is not all about wrestling”

Last monday, WWENEWS spoke to Monday Night Raw superstar and member of the Titus World Wide, Apollo and he shared with us how he lived the transition from NXT to the main roster saying: “It is very different; on NXT we work in Orlando from monday through wednesday and then we go on the road for 2 max; on the main roster you are always on a plane or on the road y four days we visit four different cities or 4 different states”.

When we asked about how important is Titus O’Neil for him right now he didn’t hesitate: “He showed me that WWE is not all about wrestling. When I came up to the main roster I wanted to be the best superstar (and I still want it) but he showed me the importance of been a better entertainer and how to enjoy your job, because if you enjoy it, people can connect and can enjoy with you as well”.

You can listen to the full interview in this video:

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