Alexa Bliss: “I would not necessarily say that I’m intimidated by Ronda”

Alexa Bliss is been 5 times WWE women’s Champion either in Smackdown Live or Raw. Now, a few days ahead of her title match at Summerslam against “The Baddest woman in the planet” Ronda Rousey, went straight to the source and asked her: Are you scared of Ronda Rousey? Here the full audio of our interview with Alexa Bliss:


Here are some of the highlights:

On the most intimidating thing when sharing the ring with Ronda Rousey:

“I would not necessarily say that I’m intimidated by Ronda,” Bliss said. “But I will say working with different styles makes us all better performers. You know we have different — I mean I do have a better record than Curt Hawkins, which you know I live for. But honestly, Ronda doesn’t intimidate me all that much because all around, working with different styles makes you a better performer.

“I’ve had matches with Asuka, Charlotte and they’re all different. Ronda coming from such a prestigious background and having such a big name around her, what better person to beat to legitimize my title reign?”

On her limits after been champion and MITB winner:

“It’s been an amazing few years with WWE,” Bliss said. “I’ve been very fortunate to be given the opportunities I’ve been given and it’s been awesome. You know I’m really looking forward to seeing how this Women’s Evolution continues.

“You know, I went into my first WrestleMania as SmackDown Women’s Champion, my second one as Raw Women’s Champion. So now championships aside, I’m ready to see what’s next for the Women’s Evolution and keep this division going and I think that’s going to be shown very well in the pay-per-view we have coming up, Evolution.


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