Shawn Michaels: “I would like to face AJ Styles or Finn Balor” interviewed Shawn Michaels yesterday and it was tremendous pleasure to have his thoughts on RAW25 and the history of the red brand. Check out the highlights (audio coming soon):

I could ask the same question to Mick Foley and Sasha Banks on my last interview Can you give us a top three of your best moments on Monday Night Raw?

I guess I would bookend them with that first Raw… and my retirement thing and saying goodbye. They were both very big moments for me. The third would be a tough one. I’ve had so many special moments with the WWE in general. Trying to limit any of my favourites to just three is very challenging for me.

The hour match with John Cena is probably in there, I think about some of the stuff Jericho and I did, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Hunter, there are so many good things there. And of course some of the stuff I did with Undertaker. It’s very hard to file it down to just three.

Let’s dream a little bit, let’s say you are going to wrestle one more match next Monday on Raw. Who would be your favorite opponent from the legends roster and you opponent from the current roster?

That’s a great question… let’s see,from the legends roster… Again I tossed up Undertaker and Hunter. I know that you guys have seen it a number of times but it is one of those confortable things and I know that it would be a lot of fun. And from the current roster that’s also a tough one but if I only get one shot I would say that it would be a tosed up between…It doesn’t matter the brand they are on? It would be a tossed up for me between Finn Balor and let’s say AJ. Either one of those … that would be very unique.

Everybody is talking about a possible DX reunion next monday, What can we expect from that and how important would it be for you?

It will be a blast. It’s one of those things from a comfort standpoint and thinking about all the unbelievable, crazy stuff we did down the years on Monday Night Raw… it will be something that is in my wheelhouse and a lot of fun to do. Quite honestly, again, it is unbelievable for  me I have absolutely zero inside as to what is going on and what we are gonna do but certainly the reuniting of DX will be a blast, you can probably get the whole crew there.


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