WWE Interview Seth Rollins on a surprise entrance at Royal Rumble

Seth Rollins took part in a conference call to promote WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Here are the highlights:


Of all the Smackdown Live superstars which one would you like to have with you on Monday Night Raw and why?

“I’ve always been a huge fan of AJ Styles. He is a guy that I hadn’t had the chance to have a one on one match over a decade now, so I’d love to get back in the ring with AJ and see how our styles matches. I’m sure we would have a hell of a match and also hopefully a lot of fun.”


What surprise entrant would you like to see at the Rumble?

“The Royal Rumble is always an unpredictable event, is the kick off to Wrestlemania season and everything can happen. You’ve seen in the past legends coming in, major debuts happening in the Rumble (last year for example AJ Style made his debut in the Royal Rumble match) and now he is two months away from Wrestlemania with the WWE Championship. So everything can happen as I said, everyone can make an impact and I’m looking forward to see if any NXT superstar or an outside source of a Hall of Famer like Kurt Angle… everyone can be in the Rumble but for me it doesn’t matter ’cause I’m gonna grab them from the hair and the trunks and throw over the top rope.”


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