Why is Roman Reigns dropping the IC title in two weeks?

When Roman Reigns defeated The Miz several weeks ago to win the IC title for the first time and to complete “The Grand Slam of WWE” nobody saw it coming. Then we understood that The Miz was leaving for a while and marching towards Hollywood to be one of the co-starrings for The Marine 6, with Becky Lynch and Shawn Michaels. But The Miz is back and he wants his IC title back.

Last Monday we learned that Roman Reigns will face The Miz in two weeks (RAW 25) for the IC title and that is a week before the Royal Rumble. What happens if Roman Reigns wins the Rumble? 99% of the critics say that he will be facing Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 34 for the Universal Championship. This is the right moment for The Miz, for Roman Reigns and for WWE. During Roman Reigns’ title reign, WWE could built the eventual feud with Samoa Joe and this past monday we had an inside of what it could be in two weeks with Jason Jordan costing Roman Reigns the title against The Miz. A potential situaton that could take us also to Jason Jordan loosing the tag team championship against The Bar at the Royal Rumble.

While Roman Reigns is been warming up the title for The Miz, the time has come and Roman Reigns needs to end the job putting over The Miz and taking him from the midcard to the upper part of the red roster. We are just two weeks away from this spectacular collision and maybe them we will find out if the storyline continues the script.

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