Ricochet talks about joining the Performance Center

Trevor “Ricochet” Mann is one of the last WWE signings straight on from the indie scene. Inicially he will be joining the yellow Brand, NXT, but what is most exciting about him is that he could make his debut at the Royal Rumble. Here is his first interview as a WWE talent, just landed in the Performance Center:

“Everyone says: “I’m gonna be in WWE one day” I just said it with with my friends playing around in the house but I’ve never actually thought to be here considering size, my stature, my weight, all that… Actually I’ve never figured I would be here and been here really means the world to me, means that through anything, hard work, dedication… it can gets you where ever you want to.

I am a very unique wrestler because I feel that I can get there with anybody, anytime. I don’t mind starting from the bottom, since the beginning I have always started from the bottom and I have always worked my way to the top. If anybody has ever follow my career they know I literally started in front of nobody and worked my way up here.

What excites me the most about joining the Performance Center is the ability to grow as a performer because at the end of the day all the athletic stuff I’ve been doing it for so long that comes natural but for the ability to grow as a all around performer this is the place to do that”.

Although Ricochet just landed in WWE and everybody is talking about him joining NXT, there are many people talking about him been added to 205 Live roster. As we previously indicated, Trevor “Ricochet” Mann (we still don’t know if he’s keeping this name as a performer) should be presented to the WWE Universe as one of the main attractions in the Royal Rumble match.


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