Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE because of this…

Everybody is speculating about the real reason why Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE at the end of his contract. Shortly after WrestleMania Dean Ambrose will be leaving WWE and is not about the money and it’s not about anything else that they reported from the States.

They real reason of why Dean Ambrose is leaving the company was reported yesterday night by Planeta Wrestling as an EXCLUSIVE.

According to Planeta Wrestling, Dean Ambrose was not happy with his creative plans and just after being eliminated in the Royal Rumble he ran into the Gorilla position and started arguing with Vince McMahon. Ambrosed was heated up about the company and about the creatives so, always according to Planeta Wrestling, Vince decided to fired Dean in this very same moment but talking to some of the people at backstage the decided to wait until his contract expires to avoid problems that could get lawyers involved.


So, the segment we witnessed on Monday Night Raw was real. Dean Ambrose was about to delivered a Pipe Bomb. Creatives did not know anything about this segment and WWE rushed Nia Jax entrance as they tried stop Dean. According to Planeta WWE decided to stop Dean Ambrose with Nia Jax as they knew that throwing male superstars into the ring could end up in a brawl, but Ambrose wouldn’t fight Jax.

Speculations are free and this time it looks real that Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE. We Will keep you updated on this and many other issues regarding WWE. Don’t miss it and follow us on Twitter.

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