WWE keep on updating WWE Network

More and more content to come in the next months for WWE Network. The last series of WWE programming was updated yesterday Jan, 21, with the following intro:

Start the new year with more than 25 exciting new hours of Superstars from the 1990s, and witness WWE legends including The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Yokozuna, Ric Flair, Mr. Perfect, the Legion of Doom and more.

The announcement was news worthy as Undertaker was presented as WWE Hall of Famer. That led to a speculation as Undertaker headlining this year’s Hall of Fame. This mistake was fixed minutes later:


Here is the list of programs presented yesterday for WWE Network:

Superstars 4-18-92
Superstars 4-25-92
Superstars 5-2-92
Superstars 5-9-92
Superstars 5-16-92
Superstars 5-23-92
Superstars 5-30-92
Superstars 6-6-92
Superstars 6-13-92
Superstars 6-20-92
Superstars 6-27-92
Superstars 7-04-92
Superstars 7-11-92
Superstars 7-18-92
Superstars 7-25-92
Superstars 8-1-92
Superstars 8-8-92
Superstars 8-15-92
Superstars 8-22-92
Superstars 8-29-92
Superstars 9-5-92
Superstars 9-12-92
Superstars 9-19-92
Superstars 9-26-92
Superstars 10-3-92
Superstars 10-10-92
Superstars 10-17-92
Superstars 10-24-92
Superstars 10-31-92
Superstars 11-07-92
Superstars 11-14-92
Superstars 11-21-92
Superstars 11-28-92
Superstars 12-5-92


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