New WWE Network tournament: Latino Tournament!

William Regal visited Chile at the end of 2017 and left quite surprised of the amount of talent found in the try-outs. WWE still working hard to find out who will be the next big “Latino Superstar” and with th help from Andrade “Cien” Almas (NXT Champion) and the return of Rey Mysterio wants to capitalize in the latino market. South America is a great market for WWE, there is no doubt about it, and the tradition and talent that they found in Chile makes them think that a “summer tournament” would be a good idea, a Latino Tournament.


The lasts WWE live shows in Chile packed the Movistar Arena and let WWE know that the fans are really thristy of good wrestling but not just that; the base is there, the talent, the work and the hook. While Triple H wrestled Rusev, William Regal pre-signed several talents that will be moving for a final test at the Performance Center very soon and Django, Enmascarado San Diego and Atemista could be three of those latino talents close to WWE right now. WWE promised to return soon with a huge production and that production will be a tournament to named the best latino talent in south America and the competitors will be from: Chile, Perú, Argntina, México, Brasil and many other countries. There is nothing signed yet but as this writing the tapings will be in Chile by the end of August.

After the dissapointed tour in India WWE decided to bet hard on the latino market signing also Rey Mysterio (something that will be announce soon). William Regal will be producing the tournament but no “South America title” (sort of UK title) or full NXT contract for the winner has been set or talked.


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