AJ Styles has a new video on WWE YT channel

AJ Styles debuted 2 years ago in WWE. The Royal Rumble  2016 was the place and the time choosen by “The Face that runs the Place”. Now WWE remembers the best of “The Phenomenal” with this video:

AJ Styles’ Best moments in WWE

10. Wrestlemania 32, entrance.

9. Garden Party. Winning the United States Championship at the MSG defeating Kevin Owens.

8. Quick Tap Out. Defeating Tye Dillinger by submission.

7. Crash into Reigns. During his tremendous feud with Roman Reigns, AJ Styles put Reigns through a table with the “Phenomenal Forearm”.

6. 2 for 1 special. AJ Styles defeated the Singh Brothers with an incredible Styles Clash from the second rope.

5. Table smasher. Another former Shield member through a table with a 450 splash. Wow!

4. Smackdown Shocker. During the last European Tour, AJ Styles met Jinder Mahal in Manchester. A very special match in Smackdown history with the WWE Championship changing hand for the first time out of America.

3. Phenomenal debut. Royal Rumble 2016, AJ Styles went down the aisle into a WWE ring to face Roman Reigns.

2. Down goes Cena. A non less tremedous feud facing and defeating John Cena at Summerslam 2016 for the first time.

1. First WWE title. AJ Styles defeated Dean Ambrose to become WWE Champion for the first time in his carrer with the Company.


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